The mission of this project is simple, to connect and empower female entrepreneurs by sharing their stories. After all, there is nothing as reassuring as knowing someone else can relate to your challenges and victories. This community is about women listening, learning, and building each other up. 

“Everyone has a story”

Let’s connect and celebrate our fellow female entrepreneurs!


Stephanie Greischar founded Her Own Path to give female entrepreneurs a space to share the stories that have shaped their careers. After being an entrepreneur for over ten years herself, Stephanie found one of her favorite parts of her job was meeting female colleagues and hearing about their unique professional paths. 

“I believe we have so much to learn from each other, which is why I created this site. No matter your professional background, whether you’re a business owner, part-time entrepreneur, or a momepreneur, we all benefit from one another’s experiences, lessons, and hard-earned wisdom.”

This project isn’t about Stephanie or any single person; it’s about creating a community. Women wear many hats, and more and more of us are designing our professional lives around our priorities now. That’s something worth exploring and celebrating!