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Lindsey Bomgren: The Passionate Fitness Blogger of Nourish Move Love

Lindsey Bomgren: The Passionate Fitness Blogger of Nourish Move Love

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Lindsey Bomgren is the passionate health and fitness maven behind her successful blog, Nourish Move Love. From her first job as a writer for her small town newspaper, Lindsey has always understood the value of hard work and making deadlines. That drive led her to make the jump from medical device sales to pursuing her fitness side-hustle full-time. Read on to learn how she balances her family life, creates content for her growing website, and builds her business by putting in the effort, day after day. 

Name: Lindsey Bomgren
Business: Nourish Move Love
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Year You Started: 2015
Website + Facebook + Instagram + Pinterest

Tell us about Nourish Move Love.

Nourish Move Love is a health, fitness and lifestyle blog to help women create a lifestyle and body they love through challenging workouts and healthy eats. 

What was your first job growing up, and what did you learn from it?

I worked as a writer for my small town newspaper, The Maple Lake Messenger. It was here that I learned the importance of working hard and sometimes getting creative to meet deadlines. I also learned that not everyone is going to love everything you write/create and that’s ok too. 

Tell us about your career path before starting your own company.

It’s been an interesting journey, but I started my post-college career in marketing, which led to medical device sales. Meanwhile, I was pursuing my passion for fitness as a side-hustle getting my personal training and group fitness certifications.

I always knew I wanted to start my own business, so after saving my sales commission earnings for a couple of years, I decided it was time to go for it.

Her Own Path - Lindsey Blogger

Tell us the story of how you started your business.

I found my passion teaching group fitness, but also have a business background. I knew I could only teach so many fitness classes in a day… and still not be able to pay the bills. So I took my business online. I combined my two strengths, fitness + marketing and launched Nourish Move Love.

What is a typical day like for you?

Each day is a little different, and it’s changed a lot since I had my son (March 2017), but the best way to give you perspective is to describe my week: 

Monday – teach live stream class for gethealthyutv.com and work on my weekly blog post, email blast, and social sharing

Tuesday – morning workout followed by a day behind my computer responding to emails, working on brand collaboration contracts (meetings/emails), etc. 

Wednesday – I teach two classes at a local studio and do a little work or sneak in a meeting

Thursday – shooting new blog content in the studio (video/images) or prepping material to be shot in the studio or working on the editorial calendar or similar to Tuesday’s work

Friday – no work, I’m home with my baby boy

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Tell us about a hard time in your life, career or personal. 

As a small business owner, it’s safe to say I’ve had a lot of personal/career struggles starting a business.

When I first started my company I thought within a year I could replace my medical sales salary… that was not the case. I’ve worked harder the past three years than I ever have in my entire life and I finally just started making money in year three. There were so many times I wanted to quit, as it was a slow building process.

The most challenging part is that whenever you feel like you’re starting to succeed in business, you feel like you’re failing at your marriage or personal life (because you’re spending so much time working). 

Ultimately, I’ve learned that anything worth building/pursuing takes time and a lot of consistent effort day in and day out. But if you put the time in, you will see growth. 

 Also, you need a strong and patient support system; I’m so grateful for my very supportive husband who’s been my biggest cheerleader along the way. 

What advice would you give to a new business owner? 

Find someone who’s done what you want to do (or something similar) and seek mentorship from them, and be willing to pay for it. Their time and knowledge are worth it. 

What do you believe is your single strongest skill that’s helped you succeed? 

Hard work – I just kept showing up, creating content every day. 

Her Own Path - Nourish Move Love

What’s next for Nourish Move Love in 2018?

Lots! In summary:
- more awesome workouts and workout videos
- a website redesign
- focusing on driving more Pinterest traffic
- raising $15k at the Third Annual Fit for Her MPLS event!
- more brand collaborations

Click here to read my full blog post about what I have planned for 2018.
Tell us about your life outside of your business? What do you like to do? 

I’m a new mom so, a lot of my time is spent with my son; I love being outside with him – stroller walks, runs, sled pulling - you name it.

Also, my husband plays professional beach volleyball on the side so, we love to travel and support him! 

How do you balance your career and family life?

I’m still working on this one… and it’s still a major challenge. But I’ve really tried to dedicate the hours of 4-7 pm to my family, no phones, computers, etc. 

Quick fun facts...

What’s your favorite charity?  The Her Initiative. I recently went on a trip with them to the Dominican, and I’m hosting my Third Annual Fit for Her MPLS event on 2/24

What age do you want to retire at? I hope to keep teaching group fitness into my 50’s, and I’m sure I’ll always pursue some type of work, but ideally like to start cutting back in my 50’s as well. 

One travel location on your bucket list? Australia/Fuji

Are you an introvert or extrovert? I’d say a mix but more of an extrovert

What is your favorite blog (besides yours of course), podcast, or book? As a blogger, I naturally have several favorite blogs… so I’ll go with a book. At the moment I love the book, Magic of Motherhood (every new mama should read it)

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